Wole Soyinka African Poet, Writer and Novelist.
ole soyinka, one of the gifted writers for many exceptional  African books, was born on July 13, 1934 in a small town called Abeokuta around the western parts of Nigeria. He is the first African to receive the honorable Noble Prize in literature. In 1973, this constructive African Book writer took his doctorate from the University of Leeds. During the times in England, he presented himself as a dramaturgy in London at "Royal Court Theatre".

 Back in 1960s, he was honored by Rockefeller bursary award. After that he returned to his country to study more about African drama. He started teaching drama in different Universities . Since 1975, he was designated as a professor for comparative literature.In the year of 1960, "The 1960 Masks" a theatre group was founded by him and In 1964, another theatre group "Orisun Theatre Company" was found. From "Orisun Theatre Company" his own plays were produced where he took part as an actor.  

Wole Soyinka wrote his very  first plays in London. His firstplay was The Swamp Dwellers which was published in 1963. After that he published" the Lion & the jewel". These two plays were performed in 1958 and in 1959 at Ibadan. Some of the remarkable plays from this gifted writer are: “A Dance of the Forests”, "Madman and Specialists", "Kongi's Harvest". 

African Books and African Literature were truly graced by some of Soyinka's philosophic plays e.g. The Road (1965), Death and Kings Horseman (1975) , The strong breed (1963), "The open sore of a continent; A personal Narrative of the Nigerian crisis etc. He also wrote two novels; “The interpreters” which was published in 1965, and “the Season of Anomy” (published in 1973). 

There are also a remarkable collection poems and autobiographical books written by this writer. Wole Soyinka,as a writer has always been an enigma and a non-conformist. With his confined use of English, Arican Books witnessed prominent encouragement and respects all around the world. His creativity is reflected in his prodigious and encompassing plays, poetries, in his novels and in his critical & polemic writings.


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